River Valley Patch
The mission of the River Valley Wood Carvers' Club is to promote, teach and practice the art of wood carving and wood burning. Club membership is open to anyone interested in wood carving or wood burning. Founded in 1999, our club covers the areas of southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Dick Middleton Carving
Sandee Sansfacon-work in progress
Talk or Carve like a PIRATE Day - September 19th

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*** FREE ***
Saturday, October 7th 10-4
Boone Co. Library - Scheben Branch

25+ Carvers and Burners
Guest Carver - Don Worley
Caricaturist, Seminar Teacher
Library will host Oktoberfest Program for Kids and Adults
Dulcimer Club will Perform
Everyone is welcome!

Kentucky State Fair
August 17 - 27

Congratulations to All: State & County Entries
Our club was represented very Well!
Pictures of entries can be seen under Events Photos!
Just above.

4103 Wood Carving
023 Caricature - human/animal
1st - Mike Shelton
2nd - Dick Middleton
3rd - Ed Stover
024 Chip Carving
1st - Mike Shelton - Pinecones
Religeous Carving
1st - Ed Stover
1st Dick Middleton - Fox
4th - Ed Stover
027 Christmas Carvings
1st - Dick Middleton
2nd - Ed Stover
4th - Mike Shelton
028 Relief
1st - Ed Stover
029 Carving in Round
1st - Dick Middleton
2nd - Mike Shelton
4th - Ed Stover

Dick Middleton

4110 Decorations
079 Door or Wall
2nd - Ed Stover
Fine Arts & Crafts
4th - Mike Shelton - Shelia/Sea Serpent

2017 Boone County 4-H & Utopia Fair
Heritage - Handmade Novelty
1st - Sandee Sansfacon - Santa
2nd - Mike Shelton - Helga
3rd - Larry Bowen - Eagle Bust
Heritage - Carved Wooden Item
1st - Sandee Sansfacon - Santa
2nd - Mike Shelton - Shelf Elf
3rd - Larry Bowen - Spoons
Heritage - Found Wood
1st - Mike Shelton - Bark House
2nd - Rex Sansfacon - Bark house hanging
Heritage - Whittled in Wood
1st - Mike Shelton - Cypress Knee House
Heritage - Wall Hanging
3rd -Sandee Sansfacon - Pinecones
Hobby Division
Hobby - 3 ornaments
1st - Sandee Sansfacon- ornaments
Hobby - Holiday decoration/not Christmas
2nd - Sandee Sansfacon - Jack-O-Lantern
Hobby - Christmas Craft
1st - Sandee Sansfacon -Santa
Hobby - Miscellaneous
2nd - Sandee Sansfacon - Santa

2017 Annual RVWC Picnic
held at Dave and Nancy Chadwicks Property

Thank you to Ezra Smith for taking pictures.
The women made wonderful dishes for all to enjoy,
Kim beat Betty at corn hole,
Jim & Peg Cawthorn came over from Indianapolis.
Rex was grill master.
There was a swap table with happy sellers & buyers
Thank you to Penny Burelson for all her help
Members were fishing, swimming, boating and enjoying each others company.
Another successful Picnic!

Don Worley face carving Seminar
March 10 & 11

Missing from picture is Teresa Balsbaugh, also picture taker

Charlie Brown Pine Cone Class

1st row - Bill Bezold & Gwen Provins
2nd row - Sandee Sansfacon

9/18 Carving Meeting 6-9
9/23 Carve-In 10-3
10/7/2017 River Valley Wood Carving Show
Scheben Library 10-4
10/16-19 Cathy Overcash Seminar
11/16-18 Gary Falen Seminar - FULL
For more Information
Click HERE for Club Calendar

September - Members Birthdays
10 - Candy Lytle
17 - Dave Chadwick
30 - Dutt Jones
Happy Birthday

This is a great beginner Carving Video
by Don Daily

In it he explains the different beginning cuts and
how to achieve them. Then he carves a letter
opener project using all the cuts he went over.

CLICK HERE for Video

The RVWC wood carved sculpture is right at home next to the altar at Taylor Mill United Methodist Church.

Home of RVWC
Taylor Mill United Methodist Church

5160 Taylor Mill Rd.
Taylor Mill, KY
1st and 3rd Mondays 6-9
Carve-Ins 4th Saturday 10-3
Beginners to Advanced
Contact us Here if you would like to Visit
or want more information