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The mission of the River Valley Wood Carvers' Club is to promote, teach and practice the art of wood carving and wood burning. Club membership is open to anyone interested in wood carving or wood burning. Founded in 1999, our club covers the areas of southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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*** FREE ***
Saturday, October 7th 10-4
Boone Co. Library - Scheben Branch

25+ Carvers and Burners
Guest Carver - Don Worley
Caricaturist, Seminar Teacher
Library will host Oktoberfest Program for Kids and Adults
Dulcimer Club will Perform
Everyone is welcome!

Kentucky State Fair
August 17 - 27

Congratulations to All: State & County Entries
Our club was represented very Well!
Pictures of entries can be seen under Events Photos!
Just above.

4103 Wood Carving
023 Caricature - human/animal
1st - Mike Shelton
2nd - Dick Middleton
3rd - Ed Stover
024 Chip Carving
1st - Mike Shelton - Pinecones
Religeous Carving
1st - Ed Stover
1st Dick Middleton - Fox
4th - Ed Stover
027 Christmas Carvings
1st - Dick Middleton
2nd - Ed Stover
4th - Mike Shelton
028 Relief
1st - Ed Stover
029 Carving in Round
1st - Dick Middleton
2nd - Mike Shelton
4th - Ed Stover

Dick Middleton

4110 Decorations
079 Door or Wall
2nd - Ed Stover
Fine Arts & Crafts
4th - Mike Shelton - Shelia/Sea Serpent

2017 Boone County 4-H & Utopia Fair
Heritage - Handmade Novelty
1st - Sandee Sansfacon - Santa
2nd - Mike Shelton - Helga
3rd - Larry Bowen - Eagle Bust
Heritage - Carved Wooden Item
1st - Sandee Sansfacon - Santa
2nd - Mike Shelton - Shelf Elf
3rd - Larry Bowen - Spoons
Heritage - Found Wood
1st - Mike Shelton - Bark House
2nd - Rex Sansfacon - Bark house hanging
Heritage - Whittled in Wood
1st - Mike Shelton - Cypress Knee House
Heritage - Wall Hanging
3rd -Sandee Sansfacon - Pinecones
Hobby Division
Hobby - 3 ornaments
1st - Sandee Sansfacon- ornaments
Hobby - Holiday decoration/not Christmas
2nd - Sandee Sansfacon - Jack-O-Lantern
Hobby - Christmas Craft
1st - Sandee Sansfacon -Santa
Hobby - Miscellaneous
2nd - Sandee Sansfacon - Santa

July 19, 2017
Thank you to Jennifer Sansfacon for making her annual delivery of Heinecke Wood to our club. Very Much Appreciated by All!

July 8 , 2017
RVWC Annual Summer Picnic
40plus members and their families attended
Thank you to Dave and Nancy Chadwick for inviting us once again to enjoy their property. Members were playing cornhole, swimming, carving, filling their plates with the great food and enjoying the company. What a wonderful group to be associated with! Pictures are on front page taken by
Ezra Smith.

June 6, 2017
President Mike Shelton put out a challenge to all members, to create (carve, burn, relief, chainsaw, etc.) a piece to represent Uncle Sam. Deadline for this project is July 17th at our Monday meeting. Looking forward to seeing everyones creations.
At the June 19th meeting, we will be entertained by the Dulcimer club with a number of songs and demonstrations of the Limberjacks.
See you there!

May 2017
Ashland Area Wood Carvers
hold walking Stick Seminar

Four RVWC members attended the seminar (May 19-21) given by Allen Goodman
: Bob Manning, Rick Eskins, Allen Woods & Gina Woods
It was held in Ashland KY at the steel workers hall.
Allen Goodman is the carver sitting and demonstrating
in the attached picture. Thank you to Mike Shelton for sending the picture

May 4, 2017
This happened back in late March, early April in Muncie, IN at the RainTree Carving Show. RVWC was represented by Dick Middleton and Jim Cable. Dick entered several of the carving competitions and brought home some ribbons: He got a blue ribbon in Mythological (Santas), a blue ribbon in Human, Group Realistic, a blue ribbon in Caricatures and a red ribbon in Human, Torso. Way to Go Dick....Congratulations!
April 3, 2017
KNIFE DRAWING Winner - Charlie Brown
2017 Middletown / Miami Valley Wood Carvers Show
Ribbons went to:
2nd birds - Bill Wright
2nd small bear - Bill Wright
Hon. Mention Med. Bird - Bill Wright
3rd Cowboy - Bob Manning
3rd Woodburning - Mike Shelton
Hon. Mention - Found Wood - Mike Shelton
3rd Med Bird - Shawn Helms
3rd Wolf - Shawn Helms
1st Cypress Knee - Shawn Helms
1st Santa warming toes - Dick Middleton
3rd Santa w/Jewel at neck - Dick Middleton
Congratulations to All!
You make us Proud.

March 1, 2017
Ornaments for Kids update by Dick Middleton:
This year (2016) RVWC's delivered 166 hand carved ornaments to deserving children at 3 different locations. We distributed 76 to kindergartners at Latonia Elementary, 40 to Diocesan Children's Home (Orphanage) and 62 to the kindergartners at John G. Carlyle Elementary School in Covington.
At this last stop we met with Tony Perkins, the principal. When we mentioned we had never actually seen the kids receive the ornaments. He said "Well we surely can fix that!" He led us down the hall to a kindergarten class room in session. He took us in and introduced us to the kids and explained our mission to distribute hand carved Christmas tree ornaments to everyone in the room. So we then passed out our collection of ornaments to that room. What a delight to watch the expressions on the childrens' faces when they received the gifts.
One little hispanic boy seemed totally detached from the whole proceeding and his teacher explained that he did not understand English and so did not understand what was happening. Another student was able to translate that this was a gift for him to keep. What a glow on his face when he understood. That alone was worth all of our efforts. I wish you could see it but no one is allowed to take pictures of the children for safety reasons.
We could easily distribute 300 ornaments or more to these children, if we can generate the ornaments.
Let's all think about that for 2017.

When the Rabbit Hash General Store in Kentucky
burned down, Member Larry Bowen
wanted to help, in his own way in the reconstruction
of this Historical Site. The owners gave Larry
pieces of wood from the building that they couldn't use.
He made a birdhouse replica of the store.
(pictured below) and took it in to be auctioned off
with the proceeds to go to a general fund to
rebuild the store

New Members
Dan and Teresa Balsbaugh

Congratulations to Howard Wolf
February 2017 knife drawing Winner

An Auction and Swap sale were held
at the February 6th Meeting
to help members clean out some of their personal
supplies that were no longer needed
A big Thank You goes out to the host of this event - Candy Lytle

Thank you to Bruce Smith
who taught new members Howard and Lisa Wolf
a relief carving of a small ornament

A BIG Thank You to Dick Middleton for teaching a
Face Carving Class on January 27 & 28.
One member/student wrote:
Just wanted you to know Dick had a great face seminar. I have studied faces under several notable carvers and Dick's instruction was outstanding, he was very patient, demonstrated each cut, welcomed questions and communicated very well. I also learned some new ways of doing things on a face. Had a great time with everybody and hope he continues to teach.



Welcome to New Members
Howard and Lisa Wolf
Mary Pat, Terry, and Joann Chauvin
Mike Shelton answering questions about his carvings at the Sharing table

RVWC demonstrates at Union Presbyterian Church

On 1-11-17 RVWC was represented at a Senior Luncheon of the Union, KY Presbyterian church by Sandee Sansfacon, Ferd Kruetzkamp, Bob Manning and Dick Middleton. Between 25 and 30 seniors attended.
We put on a demonstration of carving and pyrography showing a variety of carving styles, popular carving woods, the tools involved, safety procedures and a selection of our finished carvings. There was a great deal of interest and enthusiasm for the subject plus quite an extended question and answer period.
Lunch was then provided and a good time was had by all.
by Dick Middleton
New Members
Marty Cahill
Lee Dwyer
Al Gibson
Jim and Gwen Provins
President Mike Shelton :

2017 Board
President: Mike Shelton
Vice President: Rex Sansfacon
Secretary: Sandee Sansfacon
Treasurer: Ed Stover
SeniorTrustee: Don Hogue
Regular Trustee: Ferd Kruetzkamp
Junior Trustee: Paul Miller
Past President: Rex Sansfacon
Chair Positions
Seminars: Bob Manning
State Fairs/Shows: Don Hogue
Ornaments for Kids: Ferd Kruetzkamp
Library & Demos:
Website: Sandee Sansfacon
Sunshine Lady: Candy Lytle
PR/publicity: Candy Lytle

Home of RVWC
Taylor Mill United Methodist Church

5160 Taylor Mill Rd.
Taylor Mill, KY
1st and 3rd Mondays 6-9
Carve-Ins 4th Saturday 10-3
Beginners to Advanced
Contact us Here if you would like to Visit
or want more information